Why African students are hungry in cold Russia?

This problem is known for all African students in Russia with others such as racism, cold and misunderstanding
We, The Russian University of Nation Friendship students, feel misunderstanding, racism and hungry everyday. We have many friends from Guinea Bissau and know all of them as good guys, friendship and helpful people, which never leave us into troubles. Now our friends have the big problem, how to survive, they have no money, cause their government (the Government of Guinea Bissau) did not give them grant, as they have to do
Our Guinean friends, with one them, Sankha Ismael, had to make a step for being heard by the society and to be able to study and live in the foreign country. They had to capture the ambassador of the Guinea Bissau, to make him give them their grant for 13 months back. But theres no result for the moment
They never leave us into troubles, so we should help them. They would never make a step back, cause they have nowhere to return, they would prefer death in the Ambassey...
Most of all they need your help. If u feel the same, just help them. All we together can do this. Its so simple.

_______________written by Sankha Ismael & Mikhail Palyanov

Here is the account, where u could transfer money to help the guinean students.


Number of the account
4291 5800 2640 4179
Mikhail Palyanov

At first, i wanna thank my closest friend, Mikhail, cause he try his best to help us, and of course all of u, which don''t leave us into troubles. people, who have transfered money, it helped us. I wanna ask them to chat with us, cause we wanna know the name of the helpful people, and , of course we wanna thank them personaly. May be, u could give us helpful advice, please write down all ur comments and advice in guestbook, or we can discuss it in forum.
All we want, is to be heard by you. We''ll be thank any help, the money could give us a chance to live, not to survive, ur voice, the voice of the society, will help us. We wanna chat with u, cause we need hearing that we are not alone...

here the Guestbook, forum and email adress: savethemfrom@yahoo.com
_________________________written by Sankha Ismael

_________________________________Thanks. Regards.


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